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2021 CTBC MA Program

About the Program

CTBC Management Associate (MA) Program is the cradle of professional manager in Taiwan's financial industry. We have the most acclaimed MA development system, the most abundant and diverse training resources, and the international stage that can best help talents shine. Welcome talents with SMART qualities to work with us to expand the international financial landscape and lead the digital trend, leading CTBC Holding to the next peak.

Let’s Go Beyond in 2021! Join CTBC, Make your life Amazing!

Program Features

Accelerated Career Path

After finishing the first year of training, you will get the chance to be further promoted to Assistant Manager. In the second year, you will get the chance to be further promoted to Manager after completing the entire training program. This provides a fast path for you to rise to junior management, allowing steady career progression in the echelons of talented successors.

Training in depth and in breadth

We provide job rotation across the front, middle, and back offices to expand MAs’ scope of financial knowledge. Your thinking patterns will be boosted strategically through the training and experiencing at strategic planning units, participating in the Company’s major projects, and senior executives’ mentoring.

Solid training system

We provide solid and systematic training on professional, general education, functional skills subjects, enabling you to be in step with current trends and develop critical abilities in planning, analysis, and adaptability.

Expanding a global perspective

Aiming to foster international professionals, CTBC has introduced learning resources from world-renown universities, such as the Wharton Business School, to broaden our MAs’ scope of global macro views, keep them in line with global financial trends, pave the way for their future participation in international markets, and cultivate their abilities to work across borders.

MA Vacancies

2021 CTBC MA Program are divided into nine vacancies, for a detail introduction, please look at CTBC Careers YouTube channel.

CTBC Financial Holding


Taiwan Life Insurance

Experience Sharing

    Every challenge is an opportunity to build on yourself.

    The most “Go Beyond” experience was going on an overseas business trip with CTBC executives to negotiate terms with a potential strategic partner. I did my best to prepare and acted as a good strategy advisor during the negotiation. The experience taught me the importance of being ready at all times.

    Embarking on a challenging journey with outstanding colleagues

    Hi, everyone. I’m Yu-Yan. Joining the CTBC family has been like embarking on a daunting and challenging journey.

    Hard work pays off. Your efforts will come to fruition in ways that you never expect.

    The biggest reward from the job rotation is definitely the ability to learn fast. I have worked on real estate finance, trade finance, international syndicated loans and streamlining the process of opening an overseas account.

    Live every day to the fullest. Keep learning. This is how you should spend your time, because what you learn stays with you for the rest of your life!

    Banking Scenarios MAs must have the ability to make observations, the ability to analyze, and problem-solving skills. As a graduate from the Department of Chinese Literature of the National Taiwan University,

    Gradually breaking the self-imposed boundaries and “Going Beyond Myself!”

    As a prior liberal arts major, I used to think coding was not for me. Yet when I found out everybody at the trading desk was good at something, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and study programming after work to become a competent player on the capital market.

    Bring innovative ideas into reality.

    The MA program was a process of transformation, as Chairman Li once said, “There’s no undiscovered continent in an old map!” The rotation of CTBC’s Digital Finance Division program has helped me to Think Beyond and Go Beyond.

    When others expect you to score 100, strive for 120!

    MAs at the Financial Technology (Data Technology) Team are expected to be data-driven, capable of using data to solve problems in various business scenarios, and able to propose innovative ways for using data. When I first joined the MA program,

    Be local but also be global.

    Trying your best to contribute to a growing business is how your abilities can be seen ad how you get your own stage. Stepping out of your comfort zone might be upsetting. But that feeling also means that you are growing.

    Dare to innovate. Stop at nothing!

    As a participant of the CTBC “King of Ideas” Award, my team won the 2019 CTBC Best Idea Award. Currently a project manager of innovative projects, I am working with 12 units and agencies to develop new products and services, while accumulating experience in project management and digital product planning.

    Differentiate yourself from the others; build your own brand.

    Besides the job rotation in investment-related departments, I have participated in important meetings and projects, which allows me to develop all of the necessary abilities and skills. In addition to my time on the Asset and Liability Management Committee and the Digital Transformation Project, I have also worked with a prestigious consulting firm on optimizing insurer and client experience, during which I observed how they operate and analyze. In the long run, these will all help me do a job better in the future.


Recruitment & Selection Process

During COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety of applicants remain our top priority. According to the latest COVID-19 situation, we will make appropriate arrangements for our recruitments. For the latest news and updates, please check CTBC official website and CTBC Careers Facebook. In the first half of the year, if you’re studying or working abroad, please refer to below recruitment information:

  • Welcome to join online info sessions to know more about MA program.
  • Please specify your current location city and country in your application e-mail. Our recruitment team will assist you in participating online recruitment process.
  • Applicants who are planning to return to Taiwan or having any questions please contact our recruitment team via e-mail or CTBC Careers Facebook. Important reminder: all inbound travellers are required to undergo home quarantine for 14 days.

Selection Process

Online Info Session

Signing up &attending online information session can enter a drawing for ten thousand worth gifts.
Please earlier finishing online registration process in order to our activity execution smoothly, we’ll close this link the day before online information session.

Date Time Topic Registration
3/3(Wed.) 19:00-20:00 Digitalization & Innovation Registration
3/10(Wed.) 19:00-20:00 Mathematical Sciences Registration
3/17(Wed.) 19:00-20:00 Cross-border Management Registration

Offline Info Session

Date Time Event Place
3/8(Mon.) 18:30-19:30 NCCU Session College of law Lecture Hall
3/11(Thu.) 19:00-19:50 NCKU Session Lecture Room, International Conference Room
3/16(Tue.) 19:10-20:10 NTU Session GIS NTU Convention Center
Socrates Hall
3/18(Thu.) 18:00-18:50 NTHU Session Hall of Fame
5/15(Sat.) 09:30-16:30 NTU Campus Job Fair NTU

Application Procedure

  1. Please download “2021 CTBC Management Associate Program Application Form” first.
  2. Personal Data Usage Disclosure
    During the collection, processing, storage, use and/or cross-border transfer of applicants’ personal data, CTBC and its subsidiaries shall comply with The Personal Data Protection Act and relevant laws, regulations and explanations promulgated in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the country/jurisdiction in which an applicant resides. Applicants have the right to determine if they are willing to provide their personal data. Refusal to provide information or providing incomplete, untruthful or inaccurate personal data might undermine our ability to manage and use personal data necessary for recruitment purposes or to provide service.
    Please read the “Personal Data Usage Disclosure” and provide your consent by attaching an electronic signature or by hand signing the application.

Please submit the following materials via email at ba.ma@ctbcbank.com before 23:59 Mar 24. Indicate “2021MA_your name” as the title of your email. Please specify your current location city and country if you are studying or working abroad.

  • 2021 CTBC Management Associate Program Application Form

    Please fill in the form directly and submit the original file. Please do not change the setting or save it as a PDF file. Indicate “2021MA_your name” as the title of the file.

  • Certificate of the highest level of education and academic transcripts.

    Indicate “2021MA__your name_Certificate of education” as the title of the file.

  • English language certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or GEPT), Japanese language certificates (such as JLPT), or other certificates within two years.

    Indicate “2021MA_your name_language certificates” as the title of the file.

  • For interview check-in purposes, please provide a clear headshot.

    Indicate “2021MA_your name_headshot” as the title of the file.

Are you the one we are looking for?


About Recruitment

We will conduct a number of on-campus recruitment orientation sessions and online info sessions, For consulting details of the venue, schedule and registration method, please click on the “Selection Process.”
If you are unable to attend the session, welcome to join online info sessions, or follow our CTBC Careers Facebook Page where you can get the latest information. We will also go live on CTBC Information Session. Please stay tuned!


Yes, you are welcome to apply for it. Please indicate the reason for the aforesaid matters on your resume, and submit your diploma as soon as you have received it.
Yes. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for CTBC MA Program in view of the flourishing development of financial technology and application of big data. After joining us, you will be scheduled a series of comprehensive training, including financial professional and practical application courses so that you can quickly become a top-notch financial professional.
Yes. The program is open to all nationalities. We welcome all applicants who have an international perspective and good command in both Chinese and English, or who are familiar with Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.
The standard form file can be downloaded by clicking the How to Apply , and the resume format is presented in both Chinese and English. Therefore, you can prepare your resume in Chinese or English according to your preference.
Without all of the English proficiency tests results listed above, you can provide any English proficiency test scores, or other information and statement indicates how proficient are you in English. We will adopt different approaches accordingly to assess your English communication skills during the recruitment and selection process.

Selection Process

We will review your application as soon as possible after receiving your resume and enclosed documents. Subsequent arrangements will be provided via email or telephone.
Online ability test content includes test questions split into three sections: numerical logic, verbal logic, and SMART qualities test. The test is not for financial professional knowledge measurement.
The date of reporting for duty is scheduled on July 5 (Mon) for CTBC Holding Management Associate Program 2021. Training for MAs will commence officially on that day. If you are unable to report on the specified date, please indicate in detail the reason and the earliest available date on which you can report for duty in your resume. After you pass the resume screen, we will take the initiative to contact you for subsequent arrangements.

Coronavirus Questions

Tell your HR contact and we will arrange an online interview. If you finish quarantine in time for the face-to-face interview, please bring your physical examination report with you.
Yes, but you need to bring your physical examination report with you.

2020 MA Employee Orientation

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