Your Career Our Future

As the most global financial brand in Taiwan, CTBC continues to offer industry-leading financial products and services. Whether you are a first-time job seeker or a veteran pursuing the next career peaks, CTBC provides an exceptional platform for you to unleash your full potential and let you GO BEYOND.

About Go Beyond

“Go Beyond”, the new slogan for the CTBC talent acquisition, is an embodiment of our expectations for life, work and dreams. We all have our own goals in life. Please join us to become more forward-looking, agile and innovative and surpass ourselves . Let’s go above and GO BEYOND!

Innovation.Be Pioneering

As a benchmark of innovation in digital finance, CTBC is committed to process digitalization. By setting up block chain and AI labs and R&D centers for big data, we are a leader in developing new forms of business activity. At CTBC, you will have access to abundant resources as well as exposure to diverse financial scenarios and open and dynamic workplace culture. By focusing on customer needs and service experience, you will have the opportunity to show your creativity and make a difference. You will be a leader of future financial trends.

Professionalism.Be Agile

CTBC is a winner of numerous domestic and international awards, including 230 of them won across the globe in 2020. This reflects our unrivaled expertise in the industry. At CTBC, associates of all professional backgrounds will be put on a team of experts. With a wide variety of learning resources, you will develop the ability to discern, adapt and analyze. In rapidly evolving financial markets, you will know how to stay abreast of dynamic global trends as an expert of finance.

Teamwork.Be Dynamic

With our global expansion efforts, CTBC is now in 14 countries and regions, with 268 branches. With long-term partnerships in Greater China, Japan, North America and Southeast Asia, we offer comprehensive cross-border financial services. By working with talents from all around the world and actively participating in global markets, you will develop cross-border mobility and a global perspective.

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