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“Learning increases our professionalism.”

Employee career development is highly valued in CTBC. We provide an abundance of learning resources full of variety. Nearly a thousand courses in the classroom or online are organized each year to help CTBC’s employees stand higher and look further.

Our Training System

  • Business management courses for managers at all levels
Top talents
  • Management assistant education programs
  • International talent programs
  • Internal train-the-trainer programs
  • On-the-job training (OJT) programs
  • Professional education programs and certification
Basic training and education
  • Introduction of the corporate culture and values
  • A series of lectures about happiness
  • Language learning programs
  • Self-development programs
  • Courses in trend watching and innovation
New blood
  • New Employee Online Courses
  • New employee orientation

Rich and Diverse New Employee Orientation Programs

The three-day new employee orientation covers professional training, such as law compliance, internal governance and risk management, and multiple courses about corporate history and culture and essential workplace skills. The orientation programs feature game-based learning experiences and group competitions, helping new hires assimilate quickly into the organization and understand CTBC’s core values – Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, Teamwork, and Caring.

Well-designed and Complete Career Development Systems

“Right person, in the right place, do the right thing” has always been CTBC’s belief when it comes to talent development. We define professional knowledge and skills required for each role, design a healthy and complete system of job rotation, and formulate dual career ladder programs that enable employees to continually develop their professional skills and live up to their potential.

Continuous Skill Development for Employees

CTBC understands the needs of our employees for learning. Therefore, we assist various divisions to plan and arrange courses in professional skills and financial certifications and provide classes in self-growth, communication and leadership, innovative thinking and so on, to improve the professionalism and soft power of our staff and achieve a win-win situation for the organization and the employee.

Comprehensive Leadership Programs

We spare no effort on leadership training, building blueprints for cultivating leadership and help managers at all levels quickly acquire managerial competence. High-performance coaching resources, mobile learning workshops, and case studies were introduced, and a platform for administrative roles to exchange practical experiences was established, to increase leadership and competitiveness of CTBC’s management.

World-class Training and Educational Resources

Since 2010, CTBC has established a long-term partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, working with the Ivy League school to design management courses and invite world-renown lecturers to give lessons in Taiwan. We also send employees to top schools in the US, China, and Europe for short-term managerial training programs. Further, CTBC provides an international platform for the management to exchange experiences, build up a global vision, continually expand personal networks, and keep updated with global trends and new knowledge by engaging in the Wharton Global Forum each year.

Readily-available Access to Learning

Micro-learning is trending! The newly-introduced online learning platform & APP provide the latest trends and knowledge. Employees can freely take lessons on any topic and choose suitable sessions. By doing so, learning can really happen anytime, anywhere!

Quality and Comfortable Learning Environment

CTBC aims to provide a comfortable learning environment. Facilities such as formal classrooms for, the two institutes for employee training in Linkou (Taoyuan) and Chenghu (Kaohsiung), or open and relaxing spaces for interaction all are design to serve various learning purposes, allowing our employees to learn and grow with the company in a great environment.

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