2024 CTBC IRM Program

About the Program

"Solid professional training combined with practical business experience and global perspective" - CTBC has the industry's FIRST 3-year International Relationship Managers (IRM) program.
From Taiwan to the world, CTBC continues to provide innovative corporate banking products and comprehensive professional financial services. In addition, we offer a thorough and concrete training program and professional development scheme. After joining the IRM program, you will work directly in the international market during training and accumulate practical business experience. At the same time, you will improve your fluency in second languages to build a successful career overseas.
If you work well under pressure, are resilient and different from others, and are willing to challenge yourself with working overseas, welcome to join us and embark on an outstanding international banking career.

What’s IRM? | 專案介紹影片

EP1. 站在巨人肩膀的高起跑點|金融業外派RM都在做什麼?外派挑戰與收穫
EP2. 學長姐大解密|想出國工作?什麼人適合外派?

Program Features

Rapid career advancement

We offer you the chance of two promotions in three years by passing internal certifications and evaluations, quickly advancing to a customer relationship manager and becoming an independent, self-reliant junior IRM of corporate banking overseas.

Accumulated all-round professional strength

With multifaceted development as the goal, we have a comprehensive training module and rotation mechanism to help you build various professional capabilities in finance, customer service, business development, and foreign languages.

Gaining a global perspective

By utilizing CTBC's global platform as a start, you can expand your professional knowledge in depth and breadth and skills in international finance. Furthermore, through practical training abroad, you may strengthen your business development capabilities and proactively level

Three-year training plan | To become the backbone of CTBC overseas business

Training System| 3 Modules X 6 Programs

Experience Sharing

  • Shin Chuang
    2022 IRM
    Keep thinking and try your best.

    Due to my academic background, I had zero financial knowledge. I still remember the first time I wrote a credit report during my job rotation in the Credit Analysis Department. I had no idea what I was writing and even mentioned the wrong unit in the report. The amount of information to process daily was immense.

  • Ying Cheng
    2022 IRM
    One of the most important things I learned during the training is constantly pushing myself to take my skills up a notch.

    CTBC's IRM program aims to cultivate trainees’ business skills, allowing us to rotate between different units. Therefore, we can observe various business models of different companies, from Taiwan's micro-enterprises to listed domestic and international companies, and learn how to conduct business with relevant organizations. However, the most significant thing I learned during the journey was constantly pushing myself to take my skills up a notch.

  • Stephanie Liao
    2022 IRM
    @Hong Kong
    “We are family” isn’t just a slogan.

    To be an outstanding IRM, proficiency in foreign languages is an indispensable secret weapon apart from sales skills, familiarity with corporate banking knowledge, and communication skills for credit checking. I think the best part of the IRM program is that its content is tailored by the HR and planning teams according to our future career plans. CTBC also provides weekly second language courses and equips us with the necessary skills during the rotation in the training period to perform tasks of various units.

  • Gilbert Chen
    2023 IRM
    Nothing can stop your progress if you don't limit yourself.

    Hello everyone, Salam kenal semua. I grew up in Indonesia and chose to return to Taiwan for my university studies. I joined CTBC after graduating. Being CTBC's IRM is my first job, and it has shattered the misconception of "colleagues at work, strangers after work." I have made many like-minded friends here, making communication at work more efficient.

  • Jean Wang
    2022 IRM
    CTBC's solid training and managers' coaching are critical for becoming an international corporate banking talent in the future.

    Looking back on the training period, the longest, most intensive, and solid training experience was the ten months as an ACM. From a person who knew nothing and was unsure where to start with the materials, I grew into someone who could efficiently and proactively complete reports ahead and even draft complex new cases and PAM-SAM structures independently.

  • Daniel Hsu
    2022 IRM
    Brave the wind and the billows; when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Hone your skills to grow and go beyond yourself.

    Most MA programs in the industry aiming to cultivate business talents merely focus on performance, while CTBC's IRM program offers a comprehensive and all-rounded learning platform. The program provides IRM job rotation across the front, middle, and back offices, allowing participants to understand how the organization operates. It also helps to cultivate the ability to identify customers and risks, foster communication, coordination, and crisis management skills, and establish a good rapport with coworkers.

  • Eric Laud
    2022 IRM
    It's not just work, it's also embracing cultural diversity.

    I am an Indonesian Chinese who has lived in Taiwan for nearly six years. During this time, I gradually realized that I enjoy meeting people from different countries and learning about various cultures, which was one of the reasons why I chose the IRM Program.

  • Aria Chien
    2023 IRM
    Don’t walk, just run!

    Since joining CTBC, my experience has aligned with the information about the program that I heard during the interview. This program is unique because we could experience both front-office and back-office work during the training, allowing us to engage in various roles and tasks without being confined to a specific position. We learn to approach things from different perspectives and understand how to communicate effectively across departments when facing challenges.


Recruitment Process

Recruitment Drive

About Online Recruitment Orientation

The IRM program organizes a live broadcast online event. The event includes the company introduction, the introduction of the IRM program, and senior IRMs experience sharing. Also, our expatriates are invited to share their thoughts and ideas about overseas work and life. Finally, for applicants still studying or working abroad in the first half of the year, we invite those with backgrounds in overseas job applications to share their experiences.
If you want an outstanding international career, sign up for the recruitment orientation now!
3/07 (Thr.) 19:00-20:00 (Taipei Time) Go Beyond - Flying High and Going Global

Campus Recruitment Event Information

Date Time Event
3/02(Sat.) 09:00-17:00 NTU Campus Job Fair
3/04(Mon.) 14:10-15:00 NCU Session
3/06(Wed.) 18:30-19:30 NCCU Session
3/08(Fri.) 20:00-20:50 NCKU Session
3/12 (Tue.) 18:00-18:50 NTHU Session

Application Procedure

  1. Please download「 CTBC International Relationship Manager Application Form 」first.
  2. Personal Data Usage Disclosure
    During the collection, processing, storage, use and/or cross-border transfer of applicants’ personal data, CTBC and its subsidiaries shall comply with The Personal Data Protection Act and relevant laws, regulations and explanations promulgated in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the country/jurisdiction in which an applicant resides. Applicants have the right to determine if they are willing to provide their personal data. Refusal to provide information or providing incomplete, untruthful or inaccurate personal data might undermine our ability to manage and use personal data necessary for recruitment purposes or to provide service.
    Please read the " Personal Data Usage Disclosure " and provide your consent by attaching an electronic signature or by hand signing the application.
  1. Please submit the following materials via email at  ba.irm@ctbcbank.com
  2. Indicate “2024IRM_your name” as the title of your email. Please specify your current location city and country if you are studying or working abroad.
  3. Please DO NOT zip the attachment (Max size 5 MB).
  4. Please DO NOT submit your resume repeatedly. Please wait patiently for a reply after submission.
    • 2024 CTBC IRM Application Form

      Please fill in the form directly and submit the original file. (Do not change the setting or save it as a PDF file.)

    • Certificate of the highest level of education and academic transcripts.

      Indicate “2024IRM_your name_Certificate of education” as the title of the file.

    • (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or GEPT) , Japanese language certificates (such as JLPT) , or other certificates within two years.
      Foreigner: Chinese language certificates (TOCFL,HSK) and English language certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or GEPT) , or other certificates within two years.

      Indicate “2024IRM_your name_language certificates” as the title of the file.

Are you the one we are looking for?

  • Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Proficient in English and/or familiar with Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc

  • IRM Global Orientation |2022國際法金業務菁英新訓全紀錄



    About Recruitment

    We will organize two online events and several on-campus recruitment orientations. Please click 「How to Apply」 for session details and dates. More information will be announced in early February.Also, you can follow CTBC Careers Facebook 粉絲團 Instagram ,or LinkedIn We will regularly update the latest news
    1. IRM: It is a three-year talent development program. In the first phase, the associates will develop a full range of financial expertise and business skills in Taiwan and receive second language training. In the second phase, they will be assigned to overseas branches for a year and a half to acquire practical experience. After three years of training and successfully passing the evaluation, they will be on the fast track to become Customer Relationship Managers.
    2. MA: It is a two-year talent development program. Institutional Banking MAs receive comprehensive training in professional financial knowledge and skills and test their potential through job rotations in various departments at headquarters, including institutional banking, product planning, and risk management. The program teaches MAs to think like senior management and rapidly develop into an independent corporate financial consultant or financial product manager.
    3. JRM: It provides comprehensive one-year training. Through progressive learning, such as professional courses and practical exercises, with content covering business opportunity development, financial analysis, risk identification, industry field trips, and product knowledge, the program will gradually guide you to become a JRM in business development and risk management.

    4. In addition to developing financial expertise and business capabilities, the IRM program allows you to work directly in international markets during the training, enriching your global perspective. So if you are interested in overseas jobs, don't miss the opportunity to apply and give yourself a chance to shine on the international stage.


    Yes. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for CTBC IRM Program. After joining us, you will be scheduled a series of comprehensive training, including financial professional and practical application courses so that you can quickly become a top-notch financial professional.
    Yes. The program is open to all nationalities. We welcome all applicants who have an international perspective and good command in both Chinese and English, or who are familiar with Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.
    The standard form file can be downloaded by clicking the 「How to Apply」 and the resume format is presented in both Chinese and English. Therefore, you can prepare your resume in Chinese or English according to your preference. However, we strongly recommend foreign applicants to use Chinese in order to demonstrate your Chinese ability. Please note that any other resume is not accepted except for CTBC IRM resume application.
    Without all of the English proficiency tests results listed above, you can provide any English proficiency test scores, or other information and statement indicates how proficient are you in English. We will adopt different approaches accordingly to assess your English communication skills during the recruitment and selection process.
    We will review your application as soon as possible after receiving your resume and enclosed documents. Subsequent arrangements will be provided via email or telephone.
    The date of reporting for duty is scheduled on July 8 (Mon) for CTBC IRM Program 2024.Taining for IRM will commence officially on that day. If you are unable to report on the specified date, please indicate in detail the reason and the earliest available date on which you can report for duty in your resume. After you pass the resume screen, we will take the initiative to contact you for subsequent arrangements.
    If you cannot attend the interview personally or report to duty because of quarantine or other reasons, you may explain to HR when we contact you. Online interviews or training can be arranged if necessary.
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