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Kick-start a career in finance with a job at CTBC Bank

About Program

In addition to its 152 branches nationwide, CTBC Bank has the most extensive international presence of any Taiwanese bank, with 375 overseas branches across 14 countries and regions. Having purchased a subsidiary, The Tokyo Star Bank, in Japan and having established CTBC Bank subsidiaries in the U.S., Canada, the Philippines, and Indonesia, the Bank has laid a strong foundation for regional business, providing international enterprises with comprehensive transnational financial services.

Furthermore, in support of the Taiwanese government’s New Southbound Policy, the Bank has proactively expanded its South and Southeast Asian business in recent years by leveraging its existing branches in Vietnam, India, and Singapore. It is also the first financial institution in Taiwan to have acquired a stake in a local Thai operator, LH Financial Group. In Greater China, the Bank is committed to cultivating business in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone and the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area, with Shanghai at the heart of its expansion into the Chinese market. Together, these advances abroad are providing our customers with a more convenient and comprehensive service network.

We are looking for talents with diverse backgrounds to join us at various divisions and job positions. In your formal role and as your responsibility, you will be a liaison between branches at Taiwan and abroad, providing comprehensive financial services for corporate and individual clients while participating in operations relating to new markets, products and clients.

If you possess working experience more than 3 years, or you are fresh graduate, or looking for an internship, thinking about having a career in Taiwan, we encourage you to join the CTBC iSEA Program, a talent acquisition project tailored for international and Southeast Asian talents.

Let’s Go Beyond in 2022! Join CTBC, you can create an amazing future!

Applicants with three-year working experience and above

Selection Process

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The CTBC Rising Star Summer Internship is a comprehensive career-bridging program. During its two months, you will get first-hand experience in the everyday operations of an international financial company, expand your professional working knowledge, and participate in cultural activities – all while enjoying the same benefits as our employees.

2021 Experience sharing

2020 Cross-cultural activity

2020 Experience sharing

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To encourage foreign talents develop their financial careers in Taiwan and expand the global business together with CTBC. We continuously strive to establish long-term and stable cooperation with foreign groups by holding company visits, company orientation, job fair, etc.

If you are foreign applicants seeking opportunities joining in CTBC, or foreign student groups and relevant organizations intend to hold recruitment cooperation, don't hesitate to contact us.( ba.isea@ctbcbank.com )

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