2020 Rising Star Summer Internship Program

About the Program

If you are looking for a comprehensive career bridging program, CTBC’s 2020 Summer Internship program is the best choice for you! During the two-month internship period, you can get a glimpse of the company's practical operations, learn professional knowledge and also experience CTBC cultural activities along with our five-star company benefit. At the end of the program, you are one step ahead and ready to take on the business world.
Catch The Best Choice! You are the Rising Star! Together, we can create a better future!

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Five-Star Benefit

Internship Period

2020/07/07 (Tue) ~ 2020/08/28 (Fri)


  1. In 3rd year and/or above undergraduate students
  2. Will Graduate in 2021
  3. GPA 3.7 and above; or average grade of 80/100 and above.
  4. TOEIC 800 and above or JLPT N3 or equivalent

Job Vacancies

Life as Intern

2019 Rising Star Interview

2019 Rising Star FAQ

How to Apply

Please download “2020 CTBC Summer Internship Program Employment Application” first
Prepare a 60 sec. Elevator Pitch
Upload to YouTube and share the link with us!
(You can set your elevator pitch to "Unlisted" to avoid being searched)

What is Elevator Pitch?
It is a 60 second video that let you introduce yourself in a truly creative way. There is no limit to the format, let us know more about your passion and personality. And most importantly, tell us why CTBC Summer Internship Program is your Best Choice!
Let's see how 2019 Rising Star do first!
Due time: 3/8(Sun.) 18:00
● Please submit the following materials via email at ba.summer.intern@ctbcbank.com, and indicate “2020 Intern + Name” as the title of the email.
  • 2020 CTBC Summer Internship Program Employment Application
  • Most recent transcript of the most recent term
  • English language certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or GEPT), Japanese language certificates (such as JLPT), or other certificates within two years.

Recruitment & Selection Process


Yes, we are looking for young talents who are going to graduate in 2021!
You can also attach existing relevant foreign language proficiency test scores or other information and explanations that can prove foreign language proficiency. If you haven't obtained the relevant results or proof yet, you are welcome to submit the resume first, and then submit the relevant information at a later date.
Don't worry, as long as you are able to join the program from 7/7~8/28, we will do our best help you arrange video interviews after passing the resume screening, so that you will not miss this joining CTBC Internship even if you are abroad. Don't miss out on this program!
The duration of summer internship is only two months, which makes it so precious. If you don't want to miss any time to experience the internship with everyone, it is recommended to plan your calendar in advance and participate as much as possible. If you really need to take time off, please be sure to explain it in the resume, let us know in advance!
As long as the resume is sent before the deadline, after a written review, we expect to arrange an interview by phone or email in March, so remember to pay attention to the phone or mailbox notification, don't miss the opportunity to meet us! As for whether or not to enroll, you will be notified at the latest before mid-June. Please refer to the selection schedule for the detailed time.
Of course! In addition to the monthly salary, you will also enjoy labor insurance, health insurance, and the company's 6% labor reimbursement. Furthermore, you will also enjoy the company's five-star welfare plan (see the project introduction), don’t miss out on the opportunity!
As long as you perform well during the internship and pass the two-month results, you will have the opportunity to obtain pre-employment qualifications or internships during the school year. Such a rare opportunity, come to join the internship, preemptive card position!
Summer interns are just like everyone else working at CTBC, the program runs from 7/7~8/28! The daily working hour is from 8:50 am to 5:30 pm, and from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, you could enjoy lunch with your friends and colleagues at CTBC Financial Park or employee cafeteria.
You can prioritize your choices of areas you want to intern on the application form. We will arrange the interview in accordance with your preference, and provide you the offer after passing interview process. The work content will vary from field to field. In addition to understanding the department's business operations and assisting daily work, you will also have the opportunity to assist in routine report, data collation and documentation, and even have the opportunity to participate in small project planning. In addition, the company will also arrange variety of workshops to make your internship experience rich and fun!
The internship locations are mainly concentrated in the Greater Taipei area, more specifically, at the CTBC Financial Park in Nangang District.
It is a 60 second video that let you introduce yourself in a truly creative way. There is no limit to the format, let us know more about your passion and personality. And most importantly, tell us why CTBC Summer Internship Program is your Best Choice!
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