2020 CTBC MA Program

About the Program

CTBC Management Associate (MA) Program is the cradle of professional manager in Taiwan's financial industry.
We have the most acclaimed MA development system, the most abundant and diverse training resources, and the international stage that can best help talents shine.
Welcome talents with SMART characteristics to work with us to expand the international financial landscape and lead the digital trend, leading CTBC Holding to the next peak.

Program Features

Accelerated Career Path

After finishing the first year of training, you will be promoted to Assistant Manager. In the second year, you will be further promoted to Manager after completing the entire training program. This provides a fast path for you to rise to junior management, allowing steady career progression in the echelons of talented successors.

Training in depth and in breadth

We provide job rotation across the front, middle, and back offices to expand MAs’ scope of financial knowledge. Your thinking patterns will be boosted strategically through the training and experiencing at strategic planning units, participating in the Company’s major projects, and senior executives’ mentoring.

Solid training system

We provide solid and systematic training on professional, general education, functional skills subjects, enabling you to be in step with current trends and develop critical abilities in planning, analysis, and adaptability.

Experience sharing
Experience sharing
Hands-on practice
Hands-on practice
Online courses
Online courses
Case study
Case study
Certification and evaluation
Certification and evaluation
Experiential leaning
Experiential learning

Expanding a global perspective

Aiming to foster international professionals, CTBC has introduced learning resources from world-renown universities, such as the Wharton Business School and Peking University, to broaden our MAs’ scope of global macro views, keep them in line with global financial trends, pave the way for their future participation in international markets, and cultivate their abilities to work across borders.

MA Vacancies

CTBC Financial Holding


Taiwan Life insurance

MA Experience Sharing

  • Chen,Yi-Tsen
    Learn like a sponge, embrace challenges, and enjoy a boundless life

    I am Yi-Tsen, an institutional banking MA. Currently serving as ARM at Taiwan Corporate Banking Division, I'm devoted to listening to the clients' voice at the front line and become familiar with institutional banking operations. I seek to build my career further in this field.

  • Liu,Hsuan-You
    Having the courage to take on challenges and changes makes me stronger every day!

    The time reads 9:29 p.m. Four screens in front of us flicker showing pages and pages of prices. Spreads between currencies widen; people begin to hold their breaths. At 9:30 sharp - "US payrolls are at 266K, far better than the expected 181K" - the stock, bond, and the FX markets immediately face significant impact.

  • Yeh,Pin-Yu
    Wide-range, cross-field training that elevated my capabilities at a full scale

    I am Pin-Yu, a retail banking MA. I joined the CTBC MA Program in 2016 and chose payment for my two-year rotation. During the rotation, I learned in various business units across the front, middle, and back offices.

  • Wu,Guan-Wei
    A winding road that leads to the top

    I am Guan-Wei, a risk management MA. I joined the CTBC MA Program in 2017 and finished my two-year rotation in 2019. I have formally joined the Retail Credit Risk Measurement Department since. Looking back at my experience in rotation, I can describe it in a sentence: “the road may be winding, but it ultimately leads to the top.”

  • Chen,Ping-Tsun
    One must have the courage to face challenges as the journey of learning never ends

    I am Ping-Tsun, a digital banking MA. The most valuable gift I received in the two years since I joined CTBC is continuously having to step out of my comfort zone. In the digital era, where everything changes rapidly, going steady takes the longest to move things forward.

  • Chan Yi-Hsuan
    Take advantage of every challenge and opportunity to grow

    I’m Yi-Hsuan. I’ve had a wonderful journey filled with high-pressure challenges and a sense of achievement.

  • Hsu Yu-Yan
    Embarking on a challenging journey with outstanding colleagues

    Hi, everyone. I’m Yu-Yan. Joining the CTBC family has been like embarking on a daunting and challenging journey.

  • Lai,Wei-Jen
    Digital insurance, where one can live up to the full potential

    I am Wei-Jen, a digital insurance MA, and I currently work in the Taiwan Life Digital Transformation Team as a PM. For the past two years, I rotated across CTBC Financial Holding, CTBC Bank, and the digital division of Taiwan Life, participated in the planning and execution of multiple digital projects.


Application Procedure

Please download “ 2020 CTBC Management Associate Program Application Form” first.
Please submit the following materials via email at ba.ma@ctbcbank.com.
  • 2020 CTBC Management Associate Program Application Form Please fill in the form directly and submit the original file. Please do not change the setting or save it as a PDF file.
  • Certificate of the highest level of education and academic transcripts.
  • English language certificates (TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or GEPT), Japanese language certificates (such as JLPT), or other certificates within two years.
  • For interview check-in purposes, please provide a clear headshot.

Are you the one we are looking for?

For Overseas Applicants!

Due to COVID-19, Overseas recruitment sessions will be will be changed to on-line interview.

If you are unable to attend those sessions in Taiwan (held in April and May),

please specify your country/city in the subject of the email (2020 MA_Your Name_location).

We will arrange subsequent procedures accordingly.

  • Overseas Recruitment and Selection Time: April (if you pass the resume screening, we will inform you the schedule via email or phone.)

Recruitment & Selection Process


About Recruitment

We will conduct a number of on-campus recruitment orientation sessions. Additionally, we will also meet interested students at On-Campus Career Fairs held at National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University. Besides, we will hold a information session on March 15(Sun) (limited seats, please sign up early) which senior managers of all business units are invited to attend the meetings and face-to-face group discussions with attendees. For consulting details of the venue, schedule and registration method, please click on the “Selection Process.”
If you are unable to attend the session, please follow our CTBC Careers Facebook Page where you can get the latest information. We will also go live on CTBC Information Session on March 15(Sun). Please stay tuned!


Yes, you are welcome to apply for it. Please indicate the reason for the aforesaid matters on your resume, and submit your diploma as soon as you have received it.
Yes. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply for CTBC MA Program in view of the flourishing development of financial technology and application of big data. After joining us, you will be scheduled a series of comprehensive training, including financial professional and practical application courses so that you can quickly become a top-notch financial professional.
Yes. The program is open to all nationalities. We welcome all applicants who have an international perspective and good command in both Chinese and English, or who are familiar with Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.
The standard form file can be downloaded by clicking the How to Apply, and the resume format is presented in both Chinese and English. Therefore, you can prepare your resume in Chinese or English according to your preference.
Without all of the English proficiency tests results listed above, you can provide any English proficiency test scores, or other information and statement indicates how proficient are you in English. We will adopt different approaches accordingly to assess your English communication skills during the recruitment and selection process.

Selection Process

We will review your application as soon as possible after receiving your resume and enclosed documents. Subsequent arrangements will be provided via email or telephone.
Online ability test content includes test questions split into two sections: numerical logic and verbal logic. The test is not for financial professional knowledge measurement.
If you are unable to attend any sessions held in Taiwan (in April and May) due to school attendance or work-related factors, you may choose one session arranged in the United States or Japan, and mark on your resume the message " 2020 MA + Name + Overseas Session Venue (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo; Select One) ."We will arrange subsequent procedure appropriately as the case may be.
The date of reporting for duty is scheduled on July 6 (Mon) for CTBC Holding Management Associate Program 2020.Taining for MAs will commence officially on that day. If you are unable to report on the specified date, please indicate in detail the reason and the earliest available date on which you can report for duty in your resume. After you pass the resume screen, we will take the initiative to contact you for subsequent arrangements.
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