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CTBC Core Values

Established in 1966, CTBC has always believed in “humility leads to harmony and always operate with honesty and integrity.” In 1992, the company was transformed to a commercial bank. Back then, the Late founder Jeffrey Koo Sr. developed the philosophy of “Honest Business and Friendly Services” and the spirit of a big family. After a half century, the essence of his philosophy has been refined and formulated into CTBC’s five core values, which are the DNA of CTBC’s employees. We conduct business with honesty and integrity, prioritize customers’ needs, and provide innovative and professional products and services. Also, we value teamwork and care about our co-workers, customers, and society, endeavoring to achieve our vision to be “Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader.”

  • 正派經營 Dealing honestly
  • 遵法循規 Complying with the law
  • 值得信賴 Earning trust
  • 洞察先機 Making opportunities happen
  • 勇於突破 Daring to break through
  • 引領改變 Pioneering change
  • 深耕專業 Deepening expertise
  • 主動積極 Taking initiative
  • 精益求精 Striving for excellence
  • 包容尊重 Embracing diversity
  • 群策群力 Working together
  • 團隊優先 Putting the team first
  • 關懷同仁 Taking care of our employees
  • 成就客戶 Committing to client success
  • 回饋社會 Contributing to the community
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